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Kelsey T Laird 

Inner Strength Psychotherapy  Licensed Clinical Psychologist
San Francisco, CA
(310) 351-9353

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San Francisco, CA
(310) 351-9353
Inner Strength Psychotherapy
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
1875 Church St
San Francisco, CA 94131

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Vanderbilt University


As a licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Francisco, CA, I offer individual psychotherapy to adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and physical health conditions exacerbated by stress.

My integrative, client-centered approach is rooted in interventions that have been empirically validated and include cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, and acceptance and commitment therapy.


Despite being a scientist, my approach is not sterile! I balance my use of evidence-based methods with empathy and compassion. I aim to cultivate an atmosphere of caring curiosity with the goal of increasing self-awareness, enhancing self-compassion, and establishing more effective strategies for coping with life’s challenges.

I have three main areas of specialization:

Women in High-Demand Fields:
Helping high-achieving women struggling with anxiety and perfectionism increase their self-confidence and live fuller, more meaningful lives.

Chronic Health Issues:
Helping individuals with chronic health conditions learn skills to reduce the impact of stress on their physical health.

Stressful Life Transitions:
Helping individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression while undergoing life transitions.

Please contact me to learn more. I offer a free 25-min consultation.