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Benefits of Membership
  • Membership extends from January 1st through December 31st each year. 
  • (Renewal notification for the next year will be sent to you on October 1st each year.)
  • Join and receive information from the SFPA email listserv (Forum), including legislative updates, referrals, professional information, job opportunities, and office rentals, etc.
  • Enjoy networking with colleagues at informal social events.
  • Have access to and participate in our Find a Psychologist/Therapist locator service
    • Receive referrals to your practice
    • List your private practice on the SFPA website (“Find a Psychologist/Therapist”)
    • Help serve the community by providing the public easy access and information for mental health services
  • Become involved in moving our profession forward in these changing times.
  • Participate in peer support town hall meetings, a movie club, and a book club.
  • Pay less for continuing education (CE) workshops with an SFPA discounted registration.
  • Become more connected to your colleagues and the psychological community.
  • Access our member mentoring service and peer consultation groups.
  • Access our member ethics peer consultation.
  • Be eligible for listing in our public speaker's bureau.
  • Receive our award-winning quarterly newsletter.
  • Discount on Ivy, Zur Institute, Crunch Gym, California Academy of Science, and San Francisco Play House.
Membership Requirements and Categories

Membership requirements are essentially those of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the California Psychological Association (CPA) of which this organization is a chapter.

Members: Persons who are primarily engaged in the advancement of psychology as a science and/or as a profession or who, prior to retirement, were primarily so engaged. There are four categories of memberships:

1. Full Member:
Individuals who have held an earned doctorate in psychology or an equivalent degree, or be licensed as a psychologist in California or have aDiploma from the American Board of Professional Psychology.  

Dues: $120 per year.

arly Career in Psychology (ECP) Member Discount: 
Individuals who have held an earned doctorate in psychology for Ten years or fewer
Dues: $75 per year.

2. LifePsychologistMember: 
(1) Individuals age 65 or older and have been a member of SFPA 20 years or longer. (2) Individuals who, regardless of age or length of membership, is unable to work due to a permanent disability. 
Dues: $96 per year.

Discount for a member who is unable to work due to a permanent disability
Dues: $60 per year.

3. Student Member: 
SFPA Graduate Student (SFPAGS) is persons  (1) 
who are enrolled in doctoral psychology program, (2) who are enrolled in master's degree psychology program or the equivalent, or (3) who are engaged in a post-doctoral psychology training program. (We will ask you to provide the name of your school and evidence of enrollment at time of application.) 
: $10 per year.
4. Associate Member: (1) Individuals who have completed at least two years of graduate work in psychology or related field in a regionally accredited graduate or professional school, or (2) Individuals who have a master's degree in psychology or related field from a regionally accredited graduate or professional school. 
Due: $100 per year.

Early Career in Psychology (ECP) Associate Member Discount: 
Individuals who have completed at least two years of graduate work in psychology or related field or have held an earned master's degree in psychology or related field for Ten years or fewer. 
Dues: $60 per year.

Free Membership for the rest of 2020: Considering a financial effect caused by COVID-19, the SFPA Board decided to offer free membership for the remaining 2020 for the new members. Please coupon code 2020FreeSFPA

If you are a new member and joining the SFPA before 1/1/2021 without using the free membership coupon, your membership fee will cover your membership from when you joined to the end of 2021.  

Membership in the California Psychological Association (CPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) is recommended, but not required for membership in SFPA.

For each of the above categories, members with current California licenses will be listed in our Psychologist locator service on the web site, facilitating referrals from people seeking a mental health clinician and reading the SFPA web site. Members who do not hold a current California license are not eligible for listing. 

The constitutional provisions of SFPA state that: "A members may be expelled or suspended from SFPA membership for nonpayment of fees, periodic dues, or assessment or for conduct that the Board deems inimical to the best interests of SFPA" The APA code of professional ethics shall be the standard for SFPA members. 

Falsification of information or misrepresentation of qualifications will be cause for rejection of an application or revocation of membership.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact the Membership Chair, Rebecca Crabb, Ph.D.

Contact information for all chairs is listed on the About SFPA page.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN. Just complete the simple online membership form and make a payment. Once we've got your application and dues, and we have confirmed your information, you will have full access to all areas of the website.