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Find a Psychologist Service
SFPA provides a list of licensed psychologists available for assessment, consultation and therapy services. If you are interested in obtaining mental health services, please click on “Find a Psychologist”.

Disaster Mental Health Service 
Psychologists who are interested in volunteering their services in the event of a local, regional or national disaster can join the SFPA Disaster Response Network. SFPA has a formal agreement to provide mental health services through the American Red Cross. To learn more about this exciting community service, please contact Loren Krane, Ph.D.

Government Affairs
Every year, bills are introduced in the California State Legislature that significantly affect psychologists and the clients we serve. SFPA members, working with the California Psychological Association (CPA), advocate to increase access to quality mental health care, promote mental health services and research funding, and ensure fair and equal insurance coverage (mental health parity). In addition, we fight legislative attempts to significantly weaken the scope of practice and professional stature of psychologists in private practice and hospital settings. To learn more about our efforts, please visit Advocacy and Government Affairs or contact Akiko Kaji, Ph.D.

SFPA is highly cognizant of current ethics-related issues generated internally and/or externally in the psychological profession. We provide educational services to members and encourage the development of conferences and programs dealing with ethical issues. We also publish "The Collegial Reminder," in The San Francisco Psychologist. For more information, please contact Charles Filanosky, PhD

Speaker’s Bureau

SFPA provides members the opportunity to join our Speaker’s Bureau, which provides educational talks to groups and organizations in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Our speakers must have expertise in some area of mental health, and be willing to volunteer at least once a year to speak to community organizations. If you are from a community organization and are interested in learning about our speakers, or if you are an SFPA member and are interested in joining the Bureau, please contact (open position) Contact Administrator

Public Education & Media
SFPA provides mental health education and information to our fellow San Francisco citizens, and is also a point of contact for new media organizations interested in highlighting mental health issues. If you are interested in getting involved in an education campaign or being on our news media contact list, please contact (open position) Contact Administrator

Diversity Committee 
The diversity of the people of San Francisco is one of the defining features of our City. Our working definition of diversity includes apparent and not so readily apparent characteristics including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, culture, gender, socioeconomic status, age, religion, language, and sexual orientation. Since its inception, SFPA has been dedicated to providing access to psychological services to the entire San Francisco community and to creating a supportive community for psychologists that fosters professional growth. The goals of the newly formed Diversity Committee complement the overarching goals of SFPA by sharing its vision of creating a mental health community that does not merely tolerate, but genuinely respects and values difference. The charge of the Diversity Committee is to support culturally informed educational programming for professionals and students in psychology as well as support the mentorship of culturally and ethnically diverse graduate students. Contact Melanie Chinchilla, Ph.D. for more information.

Early Career Psychologists 
SFPA is excited to begin focusing on the needs of early career psychologists (ECP) this year, in cooperation with CPA's new ECP Committee. Our plans include advocacy, programs and services, and recruitment of ECPs, as well as facilitating SFPAGS members' transition to ECP status when they graduate. If you would like to be involved in our efforts, or have any questions or ideas about ECPs in SFPA, please contact Catherine Schmidt, Ph.D. for more information.

Student Mentorship Program
If you are an SFPA psychologist and are interested in sharing some of your experience, wisdom and expertise with psychology graduate students, please join the SFPA mentorship program. Becoming a mentor can be a very meaningful personal experience and also a way to contribute to the future of our profession; the time commitment is determined by each individual mentor/mentee. To learn more about this program, please contact Darin Witkovic, M.A.

SFPA Graduate Student Organization 
SFPAGS is the graduate student division of SFPA. It organizes special events and provides other resources for students. For more information, please contact Darin Witkovic, M.A. or visit the students page.

The San Francisco Psychological Association has a chapter of the California Colleague Awareness Resources and Education Program (CARE) whose mission it is to increase awareness of how self-care and attention to wellness can mitigate the stressors inherent in the psychology professional, and provide preventive resources that will support psychologists and students in maintaining and enhancing general health and mental well-being throughout the developmental spectrum of their personal and professional lives. CARE offers courses throughout the year on wellness and self-care. For further information, contact CARE chair (open position) Contact Administrator for more information about this program. Additionally, resources are available online at the CA chapter:

SFPA Child Custody Best Practices – Ad Hoc Committee
We have an ad hock committee that meets to discuss child custody best practices. The committee meets on a monthly or bimonthly basis to provide education, support, and peer consultation to child custody evaluators who are members or associate members of SFPA. We review current literature, ethical issues, and bring in outside speakers. As a group we consult periodically to the family court and present at professional conferences. Some of our meetings carry educational credit under California Rule of Court 5.225(n). There are requirements for committee membership: Members of this committee must be members or associate members of SFPA and must have completed a minimum of ten (10) child custody evaluations.