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Hilary Beech 

Mountain View, CA

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Mountain View, CA
PO Box 390786
Mountain View, CA 94039

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I delight in helping people to experience greater joy, authenticity, and self-esteem, and to develop healthy and harmonious relationships.  I believe that growth and change are possible throughout our lives, and that we each have within a natural drive to health and wholeness.  I help you connect to this inner resource, empowering you to make change and maintain it once therapy is complete.  I provide a safe, compassionate, and nonjudgmental setting for you to explore what’s troubling you.  Working collaboratively, we will uncover what’s holding you back, so you can develop new ways of relating to yourself and others, new options for unsatisfactory situations, and experience greater resiliency in facing ongoing challenges.

I became licensed as a psychologist in California after 25 years in the business world.  My life experience allows me to appreciate first-hand many of the challenges my clients face.  My family emigrated to the U.S. from England when I was a teen. I have worked in Silicon Valley as a hardware engineer and marketing executive and held C-Level positions in the nonprofit sector and academic administration.  During my career, I spent two years in France as a “trailing partner”. I am able to conduct therapy in French.

I enjoy working with professional, gifted, and international clients.  I understand the experience of the intensity of high-paced professional careers, dual career couples, and international relocation and cultural adjustment.  I can relate directly to the deep and stressful demands of leadership roles, anxiety about meeting performance objectives, difficulties with teamwork or relating to colleagues, balancing relationship or family responsibilities, and feeling dissatisfied or trapped in work and wondering how to find more meaning in life.

I also specialize in treating tech and internet addiction, including addictions to gaming, social media, and cybersex. I have robust skills for assisting clients dealing with anxiety, depression, and trauma.  I provide therapy to those in the midst of life transitions, whether these be self-initiated or caused by external events.  As a therapist in the student counseling center at St. Mary’s College, Moraga, I developed expertise in working with young adults.  Other specializations include gender identity and sexuality, working on blocks to creativity for artists of all stripes, and creating and maintaining a great social life and relationships.

I have been fortunate to work with very diverse clients, and have taken great pleasure in serving people from a wide range of nationalities and ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender, age, professional and vocational backgrounds, spiritual and religious beliefs, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Respectfully acknowledging and honoring your unique background is very important to me.
Please consult my website at for more information about my practice, my approach, and my specializations.