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Lindsay Trent 

Bay Area Anxiety Solutions  Clinical Psychologist
Redwood City, CA

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Redwood City, CA
Bay Area Anxiety Solutions
Clinical Psychologist
501 Seaport Court, Suite 201
Redwood City, CA 94063

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Dr. Lindsay Trent, a Stanford-affiliated Clinical Psychologist, is dedicated to providing scientifically supported interventions those residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Trent practices in San Carlos, CA at Bay Area Anxiety Solutions. See website for further information:
Dr. Trent stays up to date on the most current psychological research through her position as a Research Psychologist at Stanford University School of Medicine and serving on the Services and Products Development team as a PracticeWise literature coding consultant. Dr. Trent completed her graduate training at the University of Mississippi, internship at the University of Alabama Psychological Consortium, and fellowship at the Palo Alto VA and Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Trent's interests include dissemination and implementation of empirically-based mental healthcare, specifically the development and evaluation of practical strategies to infuse science into practice.